Child Safety Home

Is your home child safety proof?  Do you have small children? Is your child starting to crawl or walk?  If you answered Yes, then you may need to recheck you home.

July 18, 2013, a two year old child wonders away from the home in Centuria, Wisconsin USA.  Is it possible for your child to wonder away from home while you sleep? YES, its true.

After this child was found dead the local Polk County Sheriff’s Office is joined by the  Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation. To determine if this was indeed an accident or criminal case.

Learn Ways To Safe Proof  Your Home Protect Your Child Protect Yourself.

Internet Safety Tips For Children

More professionals are also getting involved in record numbers in support of safe kids websites and child safety issues.

If you can give information and provide help to someone in need would do it?  Could you give someone you know information that would save a child from being injury?

Most would  and could answer Yes to those questions all it takes is getting involved. Spreading the word in normal setting and having something significant to bring to the table is also pleasing to you.The feeling you get from helping others is well worth getting involved. Plus the valuable information you give will help others when they need to know. Remember Unintentional accidents are the leading cause of injuries and or death to children 14 years old and younger. The only good news is that Unintentional accidents can be prevented with the right information and tips.


Safe Kids Websites

Safe Kids Online:

Parents and cargivers are given many options in finding helpful information concerning the safety of their children. Safe Kids Websites are an easy way to find help but the most important aspect is getting INVOLVED.  The danger is real children in some cases these dangers often injury children. In many cases these injuries are serious, disabiling or death has occur.

Why is it that children are still being injured and or killed? The most popular reasons why is parents and caregivers have failed to be informed. They didn’t know where to find the resources and information and they didn’t get involved.  Getting involved with the safety issues concerning children is everyones responsiblity.  

In America Dictionary:

Accidents; are described as an unfortunate mishap: especially one causing damage or injury.

Accidental; is described as happening by chance or unexpectedly or UNINTENTIONALLY.

UNINTENTIONALLY or UNINTENTIONAL accidents occur every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year. In fact, you never know when these accidents will happen.  UNINTENTIONAL  accidents are the leading cause of injuries, disabling injuries and or death to children ages 14 and younger.  It’s always a tragedy when theirs loss of  life and more of a tragedy when it’s a child that dies.  As a first responder I spent many days rescuing children from locked cars and finding missing children now their are new dangers.

Safe Kids World Wide

In 1987, Dr. Marty Eichelberger of Children National Medical Center founded Safe kids after noticing the increase of unintentional accidents injuring children. Also in 1987, Johnson and Johnson joined and co-founding sponsor of Safe kids formed coalitions across the United States. Now over 600 such coalitions support efforts in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. With partnerships and organizations also in 23 countries around the world. These leaders of Safe kids world wide is a non-profit organization known as Safe Kids. org. With the right Information, Education, Awareness and Planning parents and caregivers are needs to also get involved. Everyone now have a duty and should be dedicated in preventing accidental injuries and death to children.

Child Safety Program

Now their are many websites online that will guide parents and caregivers to the help and information that they need.  More have to be done in this area of child proof of sealed packages. Then parents and caregivers can follow updates with ways to prevent injuries to children. In 2012 another joint education and awareness campaign program was launched. The leader in the battery industry along with kidsafe the non-profit based in Australia, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Tackled another area of concern involving children safety around coin-size Lithium Batteries or Lithium Button Batteries.

Nearly, 3500 children were sent to emergency rooms across the globe when they swallow coin-size or button Lithium Batteries. In the past 20 years over 64,ooo kids visits emergency rooms for battery ingestion and other injuries.  In some cases the results have been fatal in fact some studies has shown a rise in coin-size or button batteries ingestion. Experts, doctors, and the National Capital Poison Center in Washington, D.C. keeps a database as to the increasing problem associated with battery ingestion. Dr Toby Litovitz, executive and medical director of  National Capital Poison Center continues to be the leading reseacher in this area.

Button Battery Ingestion:

Part of the problem and the danger associated  with ingestion  is that this coin size or button batteries get lodged in the throat of children. Some children have no problem pasting these batteries through their system but others are facing major problems and or death. When these batteries get stuck it takes less than two hours before the battery starts burning a hole through the soft tissue of the esophagus. In some cases this can be fatal in other cases the child was left with major damage and sometimes permanent loss of speech and paralysis of the vocal cords. They can also burn holes in the nasal cavity and damage ear lopes resulting in loss of  hearing and trouble breathing.

These coin-size or button batteries are getting smaller and children see these batteries as candy or put them in other places in the body. The electronic where these batteries are found in musical greeting card, video games, cameras, bathroom scales, hearing devices, digital thermometers, calculators, remote car keys, ipad, talking books, and in laptops. Dr Litovitz suggest that parents and caregivers be extremely vigilant she also recommends that a search of your home should be preform to make sure you know what has small batteries inside. 

Battery Safety Tips:

Ways of prevention heavy tape the back of your electronics with duct tape and watch for the warning signs of children being less active. Especially when the child was always active in some children they appeared to have a cold or flu like symptoms. If you see your child having trouble breathing or is drooling and have trouble swallowing and is vomiting take them to your local emergency room for evaluation and treatment. In some cases xrays can tell if their is an abstruction and then surgery is needed to remove this batteries that are lodged. For more information see the official website at